Atomic Worm

Atomic Worm 1.36

Unusual version of Snake with an electro touch


  • Decent electronic sounds and look


  • Boring gameplay
  • No real innovation on the original

Not bad

Atomic Worm is a modern version of the classic Snake game (yes, yet another), which adds a cool electronic musical vibe.

The snake is guided by some kind of rails that only allow it to go along certain paths or routes. The more you eat along the way, the more your snake grows and the harder it is to avoid obstacles just like in the real Snake. As you progress though the levels, the obstacles become bigger and more frequent and the snake grows with increasing frequency.

Unfortunately, the developers have focused more on creating an electro-cool sound and look then making Snake a more interesting and fun game. Invariably, the screens and courses aren't particularly interesting, although the music is at least quite soothing and it looks good.

There are much better snake games out there but if you're looking for five minutes of fun, then Atomic Worm will provide at least some enjoyment.

Atomic Worm


Atomic Worm 1.36

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